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De Goudse Keramiekdagen bieden in toenemende mate een podium waarop professionele keramisten kwalitatief hoogwaardige keramiek kunnen tonen. Wie daaraan voldoet en zich wil opgeven voor een plaats op de markt, klikt hier en vult daar de aanvraag voor de nieuwsbrief - links op de pagina - in.
Goudse Keramiekdagen nieuwsbrief
Wil je bijblijven over wat er gebeurt tijdens de Goudse Keramiekdagen? Abonneer je hier. LET OP: dit is dus niet de nieuwsbrief voor mensen die zelf een kraam willen op de markt. This is not the newsletter for (aspiring) participants.

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Jose Maria Mariscal Paneque

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JOSE MARIA MARISCAL www.ceramicasjosemariscal.blogspot.com ceramicasjosemariscal@yahoo.es C/ MIGDIA 10 17136 ALBONS (GIRONA ) SPAIN TEL 0034639964175 ________________________________________________________________________________ Mariscal Pottery is a young company of traditional character. Our production is specialized in decorative ceramics in Mediterranean style. Our production uses red clay, traditional to the area, and porcelain. All hand throwed. Within the production of ceramics can highlight Mariscal collections of unique pieces of great artistic quality, prepared by the artist José Maria Mariscal Paneque. . HAND THROWED PORCELAIN AND CLAY. CRYSTALLINE GLAZES AND RED CLAY WITH GLAZE. REDUCTION IN CRYSTALLINE GLAZES. Training Self-taught. From a family of potters. His father (born in Coin, south of Spain and later moved to live in La Bisbal d\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'Empordà , a traditional pottery village in Catalonia ) learns throwing from very young. Techniques such as Raku learn them with practice, consulted with friends ( to do cristalline glazes he talks with his friend Peter Ilsley and other friends ) and even searching techniques on the internet (youtube) and practicing and researching on your own. We can say that Jose Maria Mariscal has learned from his father, he has lived pottery since child and he has researched on their own to discover the world of crystalline glazes, raku and so on. Never made any potter or ceramic course. Experience From an early age began working throwing in La Bisbal de Empordá and is passed from one studio to another so, for example learning to perform pieces of gardening in Martinez Tornay, The Ponderosa, La Pineda, Figueras and Fills SA. Plates, bowls, etc under Ceramics Aparicio Flat decorative pieces and Maria and Pau Planas Ceramistes Then, in May 2003 opened his own studio. Ceramics Mariscal seeks to create unique pieces, all hand-throwed . Product photos of Jose Maria Mariscal has served to illustrate some fairs promotional brochures and even a television advertisement TV3 \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Trade at your own pace.\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" You can read too some articles in Ceramics Review, Revista Ceramica and so on. José Mariscal has conducted some workshops ( throwing workshops and Crystalline glazes workshops) in Dunedin ( USA) and in Spain and he is one of the people how has organized Cristalls2013 a Cristallyne glazes convention in Spain last spring. José Mariscal has conducted other workshops and Master Classes: Juin 2014 ESCUELA SUPERIOR DE MANISES - SPAIN July 2014 PAZO DE CULTURA DE PONTEVEDRA - SPAIN October 2014 TEL AVIV - ISRAEL Trade Assistance Ceramics Mariscal tries to attend all the fairs that are possible and since 2004 has attended: Feria de Salamanca (in 2008 and 2010) Feria de Valladolid (in 2009) Ponferrada Fair (in 2007 and 2011) Quart Fair, La Galera i Sant Julia de Vilatorta almost annually Portal del Angel Fair Barcelona (2008) Fair El Vendrell (2006) Sabadell Fair (2008) Ampuriabrava Night Market (2011) Zamora Ceramic Fair (2010) Artigiano in Fiera (2011) Argilà ( Faenza ) 2012 Argillà- Aubagne 2015 León ( Spain ) 2012 Zaragoza ( Spain ) 2012 Anduze ( France ) 2013. Chateau de Villesavin ( France ) 2013. Varages ( France ) 2013- 2014 La Bastide Clairence ( France ) 2013- 2015 Segovia and Valladolid ( Spain ) 2013 Gouda and Keramisto ( Netherlands ) 2014- 2015 Paris Mouffetard 2015 Gmunden and Graz ( Austria ) 2014 Seillans ( France ) 2014- 2015 Bonnieux, Milly la Foret, Varages, Auvillar ( France ) 2014 Hannau 2015 Weichnacht topfermarkt Schloss Thurnau ( Germany ) 2014- 2015 Sadirac, Limeuil, Pujols 2015 Contests / Awards Jose Maria Mariscal is the winner of Contest Quart Ceramic December 2003 and 1rts Prize Piece Unique in Limeuil and Sadirac. It has also 4 runners: Second prize at the fair in 2010 from La Galera Second prize at the fair Sant Julia de Vilatorta 2009 Second prize at the fair in 2009 from La Galera Second prize at the fair Sant Julia de Vilatorta 2011 THROWING CONTEST IN LA BISBAL 3Th prize 2013 and 2014 THROWING CONTEST IN GOUDA 3th Prize 2014 THROWING CONTEST IN GMUNDEN 3th Prize 2014 THROWING CONTEST IN AUBAGNE 2nd Prize 2015


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