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Kyra Jane Mihailovic

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I am an experienced ceramicist (B.A.(Hons) in Ceramics, Univ. of Wolverhampton) who makes distinctive hand-painted thrown-ware, tableware and jewellery in my South London studio. Travel, everyday sensory experience, organic forms and historical artifacts all inspire my ceramics. My work in high-fired stoneware and porcelain explores form, colour and pattern to create relatively small scale work with a strong visual impact that may provoke pleasure when viewed and used. Texture, weight, balance, scale and shape are all important components of my work. I hand paint my work in ceramic colours and oxides before biscuit firing; most of my work is glazed internally with unglazed exteriors. My porcelain and silver jewellery, which complements the ceramics, is unique and varies in design and form from batch to batch and piece to piece. During 2017 I have exhibited my work at a number of galleries in U.K. as well as at Ceramic Festivals in the Netherlands (Gouda), Spain (Argentona), Italy (Florence) and U.K. (Art in Clay – Hatfield, Ceramic Wales, Ceramics in the City –London, Made in Britain –Chelsea).


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