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Michal Plíhal

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Michal Plíhal Birth: 9.2.1965 e-mail: mlha@lit.cz Adress: Netreby 5, Ceské Hermanice 566 01 Nowadays Michal Plíhal lives with his family in East Bohemia, near town Litomyšl in small village Net?eby. There is his own pottery in his house. He makes there utility ceramic, burn at stave and ceramic RAKU. He and his wife Hana Plíhalová Šafa?íková (she absolvated ceramic school in Bechyn?) have pursued ceramic RAKU already 16 years. Technology of making this kind of ceramics is completely different from common burning ceramics. Peaces go throught big temperature shocks and reduction in lot of kinds of natural materials. This process makes possible to touch with all elements – earth, fire, water and air. Michal is inspirited by Czech Art Nouveau and natural shapes. Michal was born in Brno, but he moved to Moravský Beroun very early. He got together with ceramics at first in this town. He made his first peaces led by sculptor Ji?í Dvorský. Than he started study on school of applied art in Prague. During studies he went to work experience in Keralit Litomyšl. He was impressed with the master of the throw. He went to private pottery after revolution. At that time he attended to making ceramic jewellery decorated with precious metals as gold, platinum and cobalt. Then he has given rise to his own pottery and he is still working there. In his stave spring up except ceramics RAKU even utility ceramics and replicas antique and medieval vessels. His replicas you can see in many museums in Czech Republic, especially in Prague. He used three kinds of the RAKU ceramics: Horse hair raku, naked raku, glazes raku Classic glazes raku Michal makes usually big peaces of ceramic in Art Noveau. The horse hair and naked raked are very specialized, because this peaces are without glaze (only inside). Ceramics is two times polish – first time before first firing, second time – after all process per beeswax, like a finished decor.


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