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Vilija Balciuniene

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VILIJA BALCIUNIENE Vilija was born in 1965 in Panevezys, Lithuania. Ceramicist graduated Kaunas Art College in 1985. Vilija lives and creates together with her husband Osvaldas in her hometown Panevezys. Since 1986 Vilija is exhibiting her works and participating in symposiums in Austria, Latvia, Poland, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. She has presented her artwork in over 15 solo exhibitions of which the latest in saccral art museum in Birstonas, Lithuania (2015). Vilija’s art works emit and express the feminine strength, mysteriousness and close connection to the nature. Long years of studying the reactions of clay, fire and water allow Vilija to communicate her ideals and beliefs through her artworks. Vilija participated in various group exhibitions in Lithuania and Europe such as Clay on Clay -500 years of Friesland in St. Jacobiparochie, Netherlands in 2005, Biennale de ceramique Prevelles/ Tuffe, France in 2006, Saint-Leu-Art-Expo in Saint-leu la Foret, France (2008), Open Fire Theatre in Almelo, Netherlands (2008). Vilija was a participant in 9 international symposiums and partook theoretical and practical training in New York, USA. Vilija’s ceramic sculptures represent philosophical and sensual development of a human being, certain emotional experiences and vibrant effects of nature. OSVALDAS BALCIUNAS Osvaldas was born in Riga, Latvia in 1962. Since 1972 he lives and works in Panevezys, Lithuania. 1979 he graduated proffesional technical school as a metal worker and specialist. Osvaldas got engaged in ceramics and started creating in 1990. His ceramic sculptures, objects and dishes reflects his ideas and thoughts of practicality and spirituality synthesis in human lives. Osvaldas has been participating in group exhibitions and workshops since 1997 and aranged his first personal exposition in 1998 at gallery “Kupolas” in Vilnius. In 2001 he became a member of Union of Lithuanian folk artists. Since then he is a partaker of an anual folk art exhibition in Panevezys, Lithuania. Osvaldas has been involved in many international art projects such as International Ceramics Symposium Lithuania-Catalunia, Spain (1998) and creative project Open Fire Theatre in Almelo, Netherlands (2008). His art pieces are concentrated and inspired by mythological symbols, connections between the past and the future and their philosophical stimulus on human being.


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