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Akira Matsumoto


Personal History Name : Akira Matsumoto Adress : Curacaostraat 31 2071 XG Santpoort-Noord, The Netherlands Tel : 023-537 6661 e-mail : a.matsumoto@ planet.nl place/ date of birth : Hokkaido, Japan, 01-01-1952 Nationalty : Japanese Ceramics education: 1974-1977 : Courses Ceramics Design at Aichi Ceramics trainingschool and College, Aichi, Japan Working experience: Spend a number of years working in several Chinese owned pottery studios in Malaysia, setting up different projects. This was followed by a number of years working as an advisor in United Nations and Japanese Government developing projects, advising on development of new ceramic products and improved production techniques for workshops, ceramics centres, village artisan pottery groups and small enterprises in Malaysia, Sri-Lanka, Thailand. Designed various kilns fired with wood, gas, electricity. Taught ceramics to citzens at a city government ceramics centre in Japan, developed new products for sale, worked with a wood fired ‘Noborigama’ (stepkiln). Stays in the Netherlands since 1997, developed the BQ-minikiln, fired by charcoal, small pieces can be fired at high temperature in a few hours. Developed special clay-mixtures and glazes based on Japanese techniques. Gave several workshops making and using BQ kiln, making ash-glaze and Japanese style ceramics. Made and sold ornaments following traditional Japanese ceramic doll making techniques.


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