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John Townsend

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John Townsend Studio Potter – Short Curriculum Vita Born 7 December 1949 Nottingham, UK Trained in Biochemistry (BSc hons 1971) and Medicine and Surgery (MBBS hons 1974) at London University Worked as a GP for the NHS and for the UK military as a Royal Navy Reservist, Civilian Medical Practitioner and Royal Navy Officer from 1974 to 2006 in the UK and military bases overseas. In1992 started ceramics as a hobby at night school whilst working in Berlin. 1996 set up a part time studio in Brempt, Germany and began to sell pots in Dutch markets whilst working as a Civilian Medical Practitioner for the Royal Air Force. 2002 Awarded First Prize in Ceramics at the Oak Leaf Arts and Crafts Fair in Naples, Italy 2003 Part-time career as a potter interrupted by a studio fire and increasingly busy appointments after accepting a Short Service Commission as a Medical Officer in the Royal Navy. 2006 Left the Royal Navy and re-established my studio as a full-time potter and began to sell pots at ceramic markets in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Italy, France and the UK. 2009 Awarded the Delft Ceramica Prize. 2012 Solo exhibition at Theemaas, Rotterdam 2013 Started part-time Master of Arts degree studies ay UCLAN in Preston, UK: research into the expression of a sense of movement in ceramics made on the wheel. 2017 Awarded Master of Arts in Ceramics with merit by UCLAN


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